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Before the handheld can be used, it needs to be setup. Below are the basic handheld setup instructions, as well as login and logout information.

For more information see Handheld Information. For information on how to install eoMobileCF, see Installing eoMobileCF on a Mobile Device. For a tutorial video, see EoMobile Video Tutorial - Start, Sync, Info, and Exit.

How-To View the Version of the Handheld

Note: This is the version of the handheld device (either WinMobile or Pocket PC) and is not the version of eoMobile.

  1. Go to the Start menu.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap System.
  4. Tap About.

How-To Setup Handhelds in eoStar

For information on how to setup the handheld devices within the backend system, see Handheld Records, Handheld Invoice Logos, and Mobile Device Manager.

Handheld Settings in eoStar

Handheld settings located on the File>Database Administrator>Configure Handheld panel.
Only the Database Administrator may make edits in eoStar setup, because any changes made here will affect all handheld devices.
  1. In eoStar, Login as the Database Administrator.
  2. Go to File>Database Administrator>Configure Handheld panel.
  3. Under Handheld Settings, make the appropriate changes. For a breakdown of all possible changes, see Configure Handheld panel.
  4. When finished making changes, click the command button Save.

How-To Open eoMobile on the Handheld

  1. If eoMobile is already downloaded to the handheld device, go to the Start menu.
  2. Tap Programs.
  3. Tap eoStar 2008.

How-To Login on the Handheld

The Handhelds are only assigned to a single individual. Even though someone else may be logged in on the handheld, only the assigned individual will receive credit for any changes made in eoStar after a full sync.

  1. After loading eoMobile, tap the Star Menu Setup or customize layout.JPG button.
  2. Off the list, select the hyperlink Available Users.
  3. Select the user, supply the password, and tap the hyperlink Select User.

Select user.jpg

How-To Logout on the Handheld

In September 2010, changes were made to allow users to logout. This will switch the handheld back to its original user.

  1. From the main screen, tap the hyperlink Logout.
  2. The handheld user will switch to the original user.

Handheld logout.gif

Printer Setup on eoMobile

For a video tutorial on attaching a printer to a mobile device, see EoMobile Video Tutorial - Printer.

  1. Start eoMobile.
  2. Tap the Star Setup or customize layout.JPG button. Select Printer.
  3. On the Printer setup screen, use the drop down arrows to select the correct information.
    1. Printer- Select the model that will be used with this handheld device.
    2. Com Port - This should have already been selected after performing the Handheld Bluetooth Discovery Process.
    3. For the paper settings, set the paper height to 45" (this is the maximum and will ensure nothing gets cut off of the invoice when printed). The paper width should be set to the printer's specifications.
  4. Tap the More Settings button.
  5. On the More Settings screen, choose "Normal Form Feed" unless instructed by a technician.
  6. Tap OK.
  7. Tap Save Settings.
    1. The device will try to make connection to the printer.
    2. If an error is received at this point, exit the application from the main eoStar screen and warm boot the device. When the handheld has restarted, verify the com port in the Bluetooth setup and then restart eoStar and attempt a print out of eoStar to verify that the connection works. If problems persist, call your eoStar technician and explain the problem for further troubleshooting.

How-To View the Version of eoMobile

Note: This is the version of eoMobile loaded onto the handheld device. This is not the version of the handheld device.

Handheld Information Screen showing the version
  1. When eoMobile is already downloaded onto the handheld, start eoMobile.
  2. On the opening page, click the About button.
  3. The version number will be located at the top of the screen.