Forecasting Dashboard - Setup

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You must set up a Forecast Owner before Forecasts can be saved in eoStar. A Forecast Owner is a record in eoStar that represents a Team of Forecasting Agents.

Set up a Forecast Owner

Set up Forecast Owner
  1. Go to Records>Forecasting>Forecast Owners.
  2. Click New and specify a name for the new team.

Assign Employee to Forecast Owner Association

Assign Employee to Forecast Owner

Every employee who logs in to use the Forecasting Dashboard needs to be assigned to a Forecast Owner.

  1. Go to Records>Employees>Records.
  2. Click on Forecasting, and use the Forecast Owner affiliation combo box to choose an existing Forecast Owner record.
  3. Click Post. The employee has become part of the chosen forecasting team, and can access the same forecast records as the other members of that team.

Enable Permissions for Each Forecasting Agent

Enable Permissions
  1. Click Plugins.
  2. Locate ForecastPlugin in the panel. Select all three permission options.
  3. Click Post to save your changes.

Days on Hand Products

Days on Hand Products

To get the most out of the Purchase Flow widget on the Purchasing tab of the Forecasting Dashboard, products need to be configured with Par Days-On-Hand levels for each warehouse. The Purchase Flow widget uses the Par DOH to automatically suggest how many cases of inventory should be purchased to meet forecasted sales demand. In the current implementation, every Product needs to have its Par DOH configured individually.

  1. Go to Records>Product>Records>[Each Product]>Warehouses>Days on hand>Par DOH.

Advertisements plugin [Optional]

To use the Advertisements widget, which lists and counts Advertisements from Last Year vs. This Year, your installation of eoStar must have the AdTrackingPlugin installed.

Events plugin [Optional]

To use the Events widget, which lists and counts Events from Last Year vs. This Year, your installation of eoStar must have the EventTrackingPlugin installed.