Forecast Records

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Inventory>Forecast>Setup Forecast Record
Product Selection (Include or Exclude) Popup
Forecast records are any parameters set up for a forecast. This selection becomes available with the Forecast Plugin. The Forecast Owner is used to categorize the records. There are two types of forecast records available - sales and purchase. Sales forecasts are estimates on the amount of products that will be sold. Purchase forecasts deal with the amount of products purchased by the company to meet future demands.

Each forecast may have a different amount of periods per year. After the periods are set up, years may be added to the forecast on the Periods Panel.

All available items may be added to the forecast records. However, if two records have the same Forecast owner, then the same item cannot be on both records.

If there is a forecast record for the current year, that year will now be shown as the default in the forecast entry screen.

How-to Add a New Forecast Record

  1. Go to Records>Forecasting>Setup Forecast Record.
  2. Click the command button New on top bar.
  3. Specify record number, either by selecting the provided number or creating your own.
  4. Add information- Name, Parameters (Sales or Purchase), the number of periods per year, and Forecast Owner.
  5. Click the command button Save on top bar when finished.
  6. To add items to the forecast type, go to the Inventory>Forecast>Setup Forecast Records Items Panel
    1. Either use the drop down arrow to select the items, or click Add Items via Product Selector.
  7. When finished making changes, click the command button Post.

Additional Information

Items Panel

The items panel is used to add items to the Forecast record. To add items, either use the product selector or add individual items using the drop down arrow. To delete an item from the list, highlight the item and click Delete.

Periods Panel

The periods panel both shows and allows editing for the chosen periods per year.

To edit a period, select the area you wish to change and use the drop down arrows to change either the date or the status. To Change the Caption, select the area and type in a new caption. The three status types are - enter original, enter modified, or locked.

The forecast record can span many years. To add another year, click the command button Add #### at the bottom of the screen. The new year will pop into the center screen with the same number of periods. When a new year is added, the previous year as well as the following year become available. For example, if 2008 is added, then both 2007 and 2009 will become available to be added. If 2009 is added, then 2010 will become available.