Wi-Fi Connection Issue Updates

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Issue Analysis

  • When the handheld goes out of WiFi range and DHCP retries are exhausted, the operating system will self-assign an automatic IP address based on the device MAC address (169.254.x.x).
  • When the handheld returns and connects to WiFi, the self-assigned IP and the WiFi addresses will be available.

The EOSTAR application is looking for any connection-it may be using the existing self assigned IP connection instead of the recently available WiFi IP connection upon return.

  • A device reboot, or power on/off of the WiFi radio would prevent the self-assigned IP address from occurring, since the device is able to obtain an IP address.

Attached is a registry setting that disables the automatic/self IP assignment. This might prevent EOSTAR from using the self-assigned IP connection and use the WiFi instead.

We could encounter a similar scenario if multiple data connections are available

  • Using both WiFi and WAN
  • WiFi and Ethernet cradle

We would definitely encourage the use of Microsoft Connection Manager APIs to manage the many data connection capabilities on the handhelds. We would definitely encourage having the application power off the WiFi after SOD and powering back on prior to EOD. Leaving the WiFi on all the time unconnected is a significant power drain on the battery.


  1. Please save the attached registry file and rename the extension to .reg.
  2. Place it onto a handheld and double tap to merge it with the registry, and then reboot the device.
  3. Alternatively, this could also be pushed out using your MDM tool.

File Upload:

  • Also included in this zip file is the Autocfgdisable.xyz file.