Vocollect Troubleshooting

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Vocollect Logs

These files log the communication between the Vocollect devices and eoStar. Rutherford support may request log files to help diagnose reported issues.

  • Vocollect logs can be found in the Logs folder found within the scheduler install folder (commonly located in - C:\Program Files (x86)\Rutherford\eoStar Scheduler\Logs)
  • A new log file is created for each calendar day
  • The file name will start with the date and "VocollectCommunicationLog.txt"


  • After configuration/settings changes, restart IIS
  • Make sure eoStar - Vocollect Service is running
    • If devices start having issues during a pick session the eoStar - Vocollect Service may need to be restarted
    • If the issue is not resolved by restarting the service, the server may need to be restarted
  • Check the config. file for accuracy (located in the eoStar scheduler folder)
  • Check the Vocollect logs for "exception" (located in the eoStar scheduler folder)
  • If a user is working on a pallet, it should not be unassigned in WMS > Pick dispatcher
  • For bluetooth pairing issues with a unit and a headset, the device profile in VoiceConsole may need this in the advanced settings tab and the profile reloaded onto the device (note: These settings must be entered when creating a new profile, an existing profile cannot be edited):
    • BlueTooth_IsEnabled=true
    • Bluetooth_IsDiscoverable=true
  • RS507 ring scanner
    • Recommended to pair with device as initiator
    • BarcodePort=BT_SCAN needs to be in the task package
  • For barcode setup, see RS507 Scanner Setup Barcodes. The instructions describe the alternate method of pairing with the device as a listener.
  • If headsets are crosspaired or didn't pair at all, check the SrxClearPairingInCharger=0 setting, which tells talkmen not to clear the pairing when in the charger
  • On initial setup of VoiceConsole, use SQL server, not "Embedded DB" for the Database server setting


Known Issues

  • 4/19/2018: Known issue with Java 8 and various browsers. At this time, IE 11 is the only browser that supports Java 8. Use IE 11 to run the Voice Console software.