Truck Replenishment Order

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The Truck Replenishment Order is designed to allow the eoTouch user to enter a Purchase Order from their eoTouch Delivery device. Upon placing a replenishment order, a purchase order will be created on the back end, which will result in the requested items being transferred to the desired truck when they arrive at the warehouse. The Truck Replenishment Order functionality is available via the Odwalla Plugin.


  • Functional Area: Sales Support
  • Roles Impacted: Admin Users, Purchasing Associates, and Delivery Drivers
  • Plugin: Odwalla

Setting Up Truck Replenishment Order

  1. Go to Records > Warehouse Records.
  2. Select the Warehouse.
  3. Go to the Sellable panel.
  4. Select a Sellable items product set. The product set assigned here will determine what items are available to request in a Replenishment Order. Can-Buy logic will still be applied to the items in this list.
  5. Click Post.
  6. Go to the Truck Replen panel.
  7. Check the This warehouse uses replenishment ordering flag. This flag must be turned on for the Replenishment option to show on the handheld devices.
  8. Check which days the warehouse CANNOT receive a purchase in the This warehouse cannot receive shipments on the following days area.
  9. Enter the minimum and maximum allowable lead times for the warehouse. The values entered here will dictate the range of dates available to select for Delivery Date on the mobile device.
    • Note: Lead time is the amount of days it takes product to reach the warehouse after it has been ordered.
  10. Default schedule - This will be used all of the time, unless a Special schedule is configured.
  11. Set the default Lead time (days) for each day; the Delivery day will auto-populate. The value set here will dictate the Delivery Date that populates on the mobile device.
  12. Special schedule - The Special schedule will override the Default schedule for the time frame indicated in the Start and End fields.
  13. Set the special schedule Lead time (days) for each day; the Delivery day will auto-populate.
  14. Click Post.

Creating a PO in Truck Replenishment Order on eoTouch

  1. From the Home Screen, tap on Replenishment.
  2. New Orders can be entered under Today's Orders.
  3. Tap on New Order, which provides the option to enter a New Order.
    • The screen will auto-populate with items that have previously been ordered and received.
  4. The All items list pulls from the Product Set assigned at Records > Warehouse > Records > Sellable panel.
    • Items must be flagged with the Buy flag to appear for order.
  5. The Out of stock list shows items that are currently out of stock.
  6. Tap the Magnifying glass to expose the search bar and bar code scanning option.
  7. Tap + to add more items to the Replenishment Order.
  8. Enter the desired order quantity in the order box.
  9. Tap (i) to see item information.
    • ReplenismentItemInfo.jpg
    • The following information is available:
      • Item image, number, and UPC.
      • Available quantity refers to the amount currently on the truck.
      • On Order quantity represents the total count for all pending replenishment orders.
      • Enter an Order Quantity to replenish the selected product.
      • Sales History provides three options for graphical data:
        • 7 Days
        • 30 Days
        • 90 Days
      • On Order provides graphical data of pending replenishment orders.
  10. Tap Paper/(i) to update the delivery date and source warehouse.
  11. Tap the Calculator to bring up the number pad.
    * Note: Sales history and inventory information show below the names of the items.
  12. Tap <Back when you are finished adding items to the order.
  13. Upon completing a Truck Replenishment order and uploading, a Purchase will be created and can be viewed in Purchase Tracker.
  14. If there are pending purchases, they will show in the Pending Orders area on the Replenishment screen as well.

Receiving a Purchase in Truck Replenishment Order on eoTouch

  1. Upon completing a Truck Replenishment order and uploading, a Purchase will be created and can be viewed in Purchase Tracker.
  2. On the eoStar backend, go to Inventory > Purchase Tracker.
  3. The New purchase will be showing in the Waiting to be printed queue of Purchase Tracker. Once the purchase is received, a transfer will be generated. The purchase can still be in the Waiting for Supplier Bill or Waiting for Freight Bill queues, it just needs to be past the Waiting to be Received queue.
  4. The purchase can now be viewed in Inventory > Transfer Tracker in the Waiting to be sent queue with a note of "Auto-transfer for truck replenishment from purchase #####."
  5. At this point, the transfer will also be visible in eoTouch and can be received in either eoTouch, on the backend, or in the warehouse.
  6. To receive in eoTouch, follow these steps:
  7. From the Home Screen, tap on Check-Out.
  8. If the transfer is ready, it will be showing as Receive Transfer along with the transfer number and case count. Tap on it.
  9. Tap on Accept to receive the transfer.
  10. Once received, the Receive Transfer icon turns to a green check-mark and the inventory can be viewed under Adjust Inventory > Truck Levels.