Troubleshooting a Handheld or Tablet - Data and Connectivity

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Troubleshooting a Handheld or Tablet that won’t sync:

When an eoStar handheld or tablet can’t perform a full sync with the server there are several possible causes and some of them have little to do with the application.(ranked in order of frequency of occurrence)

  1. Connectivity problem with the internet— This is the #1 support issue regarding handhelds and tablets and a simple check with internet explorer can find out if the device can access the internet (you can use any URL in the address bar, try ).
  2. Connectivity problem with the server—This is also a pretty common occurrence and can either indicate that: the server is down, the internet at your home office is down, or maybe there is some kind of web service upgrade that is being completed. You can always test through the connection setup, or you can point internet explorer to http://%yourwebserviceip%/eonetservice/h3.asmx and you should get a page with a large h3 in the top left corner of the page.
  3. Problem when trying to sync with a transaction that did not complete—This is something that rarely occurs due to loss of connectivity or memory overload. Sometimes the sync after either one of these problems will fail sometimes listing a constraint violation and sometimes without one. The first step to troubleshooting this issue is to look in the backend and see if the transactions made it into the database. If you are sure they got in with no problems then you can clear the locations for the data that is trying to post: Handheld: My Device\Application Data\EoMobileData or Tablet: C:\Documents and Settings\%USERPROFILENAME%\Application Data\EoMobileData. Then it should complete the sync with no problems.

To clear all handheld\tablet data:

Note: If you have any questions on when to use this tactic, then hold off until you speak to a tech (either in your company's tech support or Rutherford support).

  1. This is only used when a handheld won’t start up at all or won’t sync even after performing the steps listed above.
  2. Exit eoStar.
  3. Remove any files showing in Handheld: My Device\Application Data\EoMobileData or Tablet: C:\Documents and Settings\%USERPROFILENAME%\Application Data\EoMobileData
  4. Remove all files and folders in these directories EXCEPT the file called “config”—Tablet: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Rutherford & Associates\eoTablet Handheld: \My Device\Application Data\Rutherford & Associates\eoMobileCF
  5. Restart eoStar and perform a fresh full sync. If you still are unable to open eoStar or full sync then contact a support technician.