Today's Missed Deliveries: Re-schedule/Promo Lock

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Orders>Today's Missed Deliveries: Re-Schedule/Promo Lock

This screen was removed in March 2010.

This screen is used to examine all missed deliveries for the day and re-schedule or change the promotion information for them.

All orders loaded into the grid after clicking the command button Load Orders have an expected date of "today" and have not been delivered.

Re-scheduled orders may be given a new dated through the drop down arrow Re-schedule date and the command button Update Orders Now. A re-scheduled order will disappear from the grid if it is not for "Today". The re-schedule date specified must be in the future if they user has elected to re-schedule one or more of the orders. If the "re-schedule" is checked and the date is left unspecified at the time, the "Shipped Date" on the order is set to whatever date the user has specified on the form.

To search for a specific order in the grid, enter the order number in the field.

In the case of "one-day promotions", this screen can be used to ensure that an order will retain the promotional price even if it could not be delivered for the promotional day. A user may use this form to "Lock a Promotion", so that when the order is actually delivered, there is no potential for available promotions to be re-calculated. This means that the promotional prices for items in the order that where there when the order was last edited, will remain despite being missed or re-scheduled. If the lock promos checkbox is checked and the order does not already have a Promotion Date, then the Promotion Date on the order is set to be the current "Shipped Date" on the order.

If an order already is locked to a promotion, they will be highlighted red in the Lock Promos column.

In order for a user to access this screen, the Orders>Today's Missed Deliveries: Re-schedule/Promo Lock checkbox on the Employee's or Departments Plugins Panel should be checked. In order for a user to Lock a promotion date for an order, the May Set the Promotion Date on Undelivered orders checkbox on the Employee's or Departments Plugins Panel should be checked.

In order to Unlock a promotion, click the hyperlink Promo Date on the order entry screen. Click the hyperlink Clear Date.

How-To Re-Schedule Missed Deliveries

  1. Go to Orders>Today's Missed Deliveries: Re-Schedule/Promo Lock.
  2. Click the command button Load Orders.
  3. Any missed deliveries will appear in the grid. Use the checkboxes to re-schedule, lock promotions, or do both. It is also possible to select the orders and then use the hyperlinks located at the bottom of the screen.
  4. To re-schedule an order, select the order. Use the drop down arrow to select the new date. Click the command button Update Orders Now.