TN Tax - Track Excise Tax on Order Lines

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As of eoStar Version 13.5.11, Excise Tax is setup and tracked via the Beverage Tax Plugin.

In December 2009, changes were made to track the excise tax on order lines in some ION Reports. The excise tax will adjust the front-line price or the unit-cost in the ION Sales report and ION Price-point review based on the Sales channel settings.

The sales channel screen now contains the checkbox Track Excise Tax On Order Lines. When this box is checked, the radio buttons become available. If Show as increase in unit cost is selected, then the Unit cost on the ION reports will be increased. If Show as Decrease in Unit Price, the price of the objects in the ION reports will be reduced.

Sales Channel Screen

Double check to ensure that the correct sales channel is selected on the customer record.

Customer records tn tax.jpg

The excise tax amount will increase or decrease the cost or price by the amount shown.

Excise tax tn tax.jpg

The product record should contain an accurate Front Line Price and Cost.

Product record tn tax.jpg

Sample ION Reports

The ION Sales report and ION Price-point review reports will display the changes.

Sales report excise tax adjust.jpg

Price point report excise tax adjust.jpg