Supplier Web Service

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The supplier web service is added with a different plugin labeled Supplier WebService Plugin, however it is needed as part of the functionality of the Supplier Reporting Plugin. This web service acts as a go between the supplier web application and eoStar.

IIS 6 compatibility must be turned on in order to install the Supplier webservice.

Supplier web reporting web service.gif

Corrective Actions

Upon logging into the Supplier web site, the program creates a temporary file for inventory that times out. When closing out and returning, the system removes the temporary inventory file. This causes the Sales report to not display any results.

This issue is due to the fact that the ION cache used by the supplier web service does not finish building and times out. The workaround for this issue is, if using the same version of eoStar desktop program, then connect to the eoStar database with the connection parameters that the supplier web service uses to connect to that database. Then from the eoStar screen, go into ION Reports to refresh the ION cache that the web service can use. Make sure the exact same connection string is used as the file locations and files names create by the local ION cache depend on the connection string to the database.