Supplier Web Logins

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Records>Supplier Web Logins
This page, added with the Supplier Reporting Plugin is used to house needed data to access the Supplier Reporting Website. This screen contains the e-mail address which is used as the login, as well as the password data.

How-To Add a New Supplier Web Login

  1. Go to Web > Supplier Reporting Web Logins.
  2. Click the command button New.
  3. Specify record, either by selecting the provided number or creating your own.
  4. Add information - Name, e-mail address, and web password.
  5. Using the View Panel, select the customer and product information that this user wishes to view in the reports on the Supplier Reporting Website.
  6. Click the command button Save on top bar when finished.

Additional Information

View Panel

This panel controls the data seen by the web logged in user. Meaning, that if the user does or does not need to view a segment of either customers or products, they may be selected here.

Audit Panel

The audit panel contains any audit information made for the current record.

Reports Panel

For more information, see Reports Panel.