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Access Popup
File>Database Administrator>SuperScreen
The SuperScreen is a embedded tool that allows administrators in the system to fix issues. Previously, these issues were resolved in SQL. The SuperScreen is only available in versions or newer.

The Ticket Meddler panel is used to fix-up the kegs, cases, costs, etc. for tickets and Orders. It will scan all orders within the date range then automatically corrects any issues with them. The SuperScreen can also be used to Validate the Reckeys or Warehouse Adjustments.

In order to access the SuperScreen, the correct access code must be provided. The access code is given by a Rutherford employee. This generator provides time-sensitive codes that contains inclusive dates. This access code is to prevent accidental changes to the SuperScreen which could cause potential problems in the database.

In October 2009, the ability to move multiple tickets back in the queue was added.


There are levels of access available for each individual employee or a specific employee department. The Permissions Panel limits or expands the field of access towards certain functions of eoStar and also creates a level of security.

  • File>Database Administration>Handheld log trimmer - Grants access to the Handheld Log Trimmer screen

How-To Use the SuperScreen

  1. Go to File>Database Administrator>SuperScreen.
  2. In the Restricted Access Popup, type in the Access Code. (The Access Code is given by a Rutherford employee.)
  3. Select a panel: Warehouse Validator, Ticket Meddler, Validate RecKeys, Order Recompute, Handheld Order Scanner, Handheld Log Trimmer.
  4. Based on the panel, make needed changes. (More detailed instructions for the panel use is located below.)
  5. When finished, select the command button Post.

Additional Information

Warehouse Validator Panel

This panel scans the Warehouse IDs for inventory batches, orders, and transfers, and fixes their HostWhseNids to correspond with the current reality. It only scans within the selected date range. This is particularly useful in the case where a truck was assigned an incorrect warehouse. The user may change the warehouse assignment in the Truck Records and use the SuperScreen to recompute all tickets for a specific date range for that truck and warehouse.

To use, select the From and Thru dates and click the command button Start Validation. The system will scan for incorrect warehouse assignments. This will take some time. When finished, the system will inform the user about the number of database entries fixed and any Validation messages will be displayed. Remember to click the command button Post to save the changes.

Ticket Meddler Panel

This panel is used to edit tickets in a safe way. It can support the editing of four things - Orders, Order Lines, Purchases, and Item Transfers. For more information, see Overview - SuperScreen Ticket Meddler Panel.

Handheld Order Scanner Panel

This panel looks for orders that may not have been posted correctly in either a pre-sell and/or an off-truck route for the selected date range. To use, select the from and through date and then the checkboxes correlating to the route type. A Handheld number can also be specified to limit the scope of this Scan. Click the command button Start Validation. The system will scan all orders for the selected date and route types. Any missing will appear in the message box at the bottom of the screen.

Validate RecKeys Panel

The validate panel is used to examine the Record keys for each record in the Database and to validate them to assist with reporting purposes. To validate the record keys, click the command button Start Validate. This will take some time. When finished it will display results of interest and the Start Validate will become available again.

This panel's functionality use to be located at File>Database Administration>Validate & Trim Record Keys and Names.

Order Recompute Panel

This panel is used to scan and recompute orders within the selected date range or with a certain order number. This will recompute orders which contain errors or issues with their costs, prices, discounts, rebates, and HostWhseNid. To use, select the radio button for the manner of order selection. If it's by date range, select the From and Thru dates and click the command button Start Validation. The number of orders that will be scanned will be displayed in a popup. By clicking Yes in this popup, the system will automatically scans this number of orders for errors and fixes them.

The radio button Pick a specific list of orders can be used to type out the order numbers. Multiple orders may be added with a ";" separating them. Click the command button Start Validation to begin the fixing of any errors.

Handheld Log Trimmer Panel **This feature was moved to File>Database administration in 2011**

The handheld log trimmer panel examines the selected number of months of data to keep, and deletes any logs that surpass that date. To use, use the spinner button to select the number of months of data to keep. Then click the command button Trim Logs.

Warehouse Clearer Panel

Added in September 2009, this panel is only available for certain customers at the moment. (Handled by the RutherfordDatabaseNumber in dbo.MasterControl.) It is used to transfer all on-hand inventory (pack-for-pack) from warehouse X to warehouse Y.