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Access Records panel cutaway.
Security in eoStar is important. There are two main ways of applying security limitations to eoStar users- through the individual employee or the employee department.

Security also deals with how the tasks are assigned to employees in order to streamline the office and make eoStar more efficient.

How-To Manage Employee Security

  • Create Logins for only the employees who need to access the system (See Employee Login).
  • Create Passwords for each employee who logs into the system (including the Database Administrator). (See Change Password).
  • Through the Employee Records, adjust the Access Records, Permissions, and Plugins levels of security (see below).
  • Through the Employee Departments Records, adjust the Access Records, Permissions, and Plugins levels of security (see below).

Access Records Panel

This shows the access of employees or departments in regards to records on the eoStar program. To adjust the access level, slide the slider bar across.

The levels of access are:

  • No access
  • View
  • View, Change
  • View, Change, Add
  • View, Change, Add, Erase

Permissions Panel

This adjusts the level of access each employee or department has to procedural based processes (such as order entry, purchase entry, etc.) on eoStar. The level of access may be selected by checking the boxes next to the desired permission. For more information, see Permissions Panel - Employee and Employee Departments.

Plugins Panel

The Plugins permissions are additional levels of access the employee or department may have for any functionality added to the eoStar system through the installation of plugins. (See Plugins Panel - Plugins Permissions.)

Report Groups

Report Groups are a way of organizing reports. Examples of groups include A/R, Customers, Distribution, payroll, and sales. These report groups make it easier to print reports and grant access to within the system. Each Report Group has an Authorized Employees list located on the Permissions panel. Only employees whose login appears in this list will be able to view and print the reports belonging to this Report Group.