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Samples Plugin

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The Samples Plugin adds the ability to handle sample requests within eoStar. It provides integrated sample tracking and reporting, including mobile device support for entering sample requests and the ability to bill-back rebates to suppliers.

The next few sections will cover the permissions, configuration, and records setup for samples processing in eoStar. For links to operational instructions for handling samples requests, jump to the Processing Samples Requests section.

  • Functional Area: Sales Support
  • Roles Impacted: Sales Reps, Sales Managers



Permissions for sample processing are located at Records > Employees > Records > Plugins Panel > SamplesPlugin Section.

Samples Order Type

At least one order type designated for samples must be created for use on sample requests.

  • Each order type for samples must be marked This order type is used for samples on the Processing Panel.

Flag Products

Each product that is available to be given as a sample must be flagged as Sample.

  • The Sell flag is not required for a product to be used as a sample.
  • Alt-packs may be marked as Sample independently of the primary pack.

Samples Rebate Billbacks

Rebates for billback to the supplier may be added to requests for samples. The supplier, brand, and general ledger must be properly configured for the billback to process correctly.

Supplier Rebate Billback Customer

Billbacks are placed on an order so the receivables can be tracked. Since orders may only be placed for customers, the supplier must be associated with a customer.

Samples Billing Code

Placing a rebate billback on an order also requires a billing code. This code is set at the brand level and can be a generic code used for all brands or a brand-specific code.

  • Create a billing code for samples.
    • Mark the code as Can be used on orders in the More Panel.
  • The code is assigned to the brand at Records > Product > Brands > Billback Panel.

GL Mapping

The OrderLine:Rebate GL source should be set to credit a rebate accrual account.

A GL item group should be setup for the billing code(s) and mapped to debit a rebate accrual account and credit the supplier payable account

Processing Sample Requests

Requesting Samples on a Mobile Device

Processing Samples in eoStar