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SRS Plugin

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The eoStar SRS plugin provides the functionality necessary to export SRS data.

SRS is a data collection and reporting system designed and maintained by Vermont Information Processing (VIP). SRS enables distributors to report sales, inventory, and outlet information for multiple suppliers through a single daily transmission. The data collected is made available to suppliers through a subscription service.

Files are extracted on a daily basis through the eoStar SRS interface. They are then transmitted to VIP through their custom transmission application (similar in functionality to an FTP client) that is provided to the distributor during the setup and validation stage.

When distributor sales information is exported, employee sales should be included in the file to ensure sales balance with the depletion information.

Information Included in SRS Data Files

The following table shows how eoStar determines which information to include in SRS data files:

Customer SRS Flag Customer Retail Flag SRS Reporting Results
SRS customer Retail Sales have customer key, outlet file entry, no warning message
SRS customer Non-retail Sales have customer key, outlet file entry, no warning message
Non-SRS customer Retail Not exported anywhere at all, warning message
Non-SRS customer Non-retail Sales have SRS99, no outlet file entry, no warning message
Any Customer Wholesaler (More Panel)* Not in Sales File but adjust inventory file numbers.

'*The SRS export will ignore the wholesaler sales. (Note: Versions after 11.7.4 will have a new check-box on the customer's SRS panel that says 'Export sales as transfers'. This flag will replace the 'Wholesaler' check-box for SRS purposes.)


There are levels of access available for each individual employee or a specific employee department. The Permissions Panel limits or expands the field of access towards certain functions of eoStar and also creates a level of security.

  • File>Interface>SRS>Export - Grants access to the SRS Export screen
  • File>Interface>SRS>Import - Grants access to the SRS Import screen
  • File>Interface>SRS>Setup - Grants access to the SRS Setup screen
  • File>Interface>SRS>Update Industry Volume - Grants access to the SRS Update Industry Volume screen