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Quickbooks is an integrated accounting software created by Intuit. The Quickbooks Plugin is designed to allow information from eoStar to be exported to Quickbooks. For more information on Quickbooks, see www.quickbooks.com. For information on the latest changes to the Quickbooks Plugin, see Quickbooks Plugin Changes - GL Export and GL Adjustments, Quickbooks Plugin Changes - Accounts Payable, and Quickbooks Plugin Changes - Re-Export Ledger Batches.

Note: Intuit will stop providing support for Quickbooks 2006 in May of 2009. eoStar direct connect is currently configured to support Quickbooks 2006 or newer. However, we will be following Intuit’s support policy in regards to Quickbooks. That is, when Intuit stops supporting Quickbooks 2006, we will likely follow suit. Also know that the current Quickbooks 2006 eoStar setting for GL and payables functions properly for Quickbooks 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 in the premier and enterprise products for Intuit.

It Added:


There are levels of access available for each individual employee or a specific employee department. The Permissions Panel limits or expands the field of access towards certain functions of eoStar and also creates a level of security.

  • AP>Export to Quickbooks - Grants access to the AP Export screen

Direct Connect Setup

To setup Quickbooks in eoStar see Direct Connect Setup to QuickBooks