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Product Delivery Adjustment Reasons

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Records>Product>Delivery Adjustment Reasons
Delivery Adjustment Reasons are user created reasons for why a delivery needed to be adjusted. Examples include damaged and customer request. This reason is only used on handheld devices when adjustments are made to deliveries. For example, if a customer ordered 5, and then during the delivery they only wanted 4, the adjustment to the order would be made and the user (driver) would select "customer request" as the adjustment reason.

Selecting "damaged" (or anything similar) will not write-off inventory.

In August 2009, changes were made to determine if the pricing and promotions made to orders with delivery adjustment reasons (cuts). The checkbox Base Pricing and Promotions on the Quantity Ordered is used to determine if, if items are cut from the order, the pricing of those items is determined by the quantity ordered or the quantity shipped. This also will take into consideration Product Promotions. If a Delivery Adjustment reason is flagged on the Configure Database Orders-to-Loads Panel, then when an item's quantity is cut during Orders-To-Loads, then the item will be flagged, and the pricing of the order will be based according to the Base Pricing and Promotions on the Quantity Ordered checkbox. This information is also saved on the handheld devices and applied during delivery.

  • Note: The Database administration>Configuration>Orders>Base Pricing and Promotions on the Quantity Ordered checkbox setting will override the setting at the delivery adjustment reason records level.

For additional information, see Overview: Order Pricing when Cuts are Performed.

How to Make a New Delivery Adjustment Reason Record

  1. Go to Records>Product>Delivery Adjustment Reasons.
  2. Click the command button New on top bar.
  3. Specify record number for the record, the system can select a number or the user can create their own.
  4. Add information - Name.
  5. Click the command button Save on top bar when finished.

Additional Record Information

Reports Panel

This segment shows any reports related to the Product Delivery Adjustment Reasons. The selected report can be changed under the Report segment at the bottom and by the time period. The reports shown here can be sent to both the printer and excel. For more information see Reports Panel.