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This plugin was designed to handle Private agent sales within eoStar. Private Agent sales are essentially the direct-shipping of goods from a warehouse in another state. This plugin ensures the creation of the appropriate paperwork and audit trail for these sales.

For a complete overview, see: Media: Private Agent Overview.docx

Private Agent sales to a flagged customer are represented by three transactions:

  1. A Sale from Warehouse 1 to Agent Customer (customer 1)
  2. A Purchase from the Agent Supplier into Warehouse 2
  3. A Sale from Warehouse 2 to Flagged Customer (Wholesale customer|Customer 2)

The inventory will be transferred from the warehouse that is in another state to the receiving warehouse.

To properly setup the plugin, the private agent should be setup as a supplier record as well as a customer.

The Private Agent trigger is created by assigning an order type that has the 'required private agent' flag checked to an order.

Private agent explanation.jpg

Upon posting of a purchase for a private agent’s supplier, eoStar will automatically create a corresponding order based on the purchase amount from the agent’s from warehouse to the agent’s customer. The order will be flagged as finalized, transferring inventory from the agent’s from warehouse to the agent’s customer. eoStar will automatically modify the order if the purchase is modified.

Private agent explanation 2.jpg

Upon posting an order for a customer that is flagged as Requires Private Agent, eoStar will automatically create the following transactions:

  1. An Order will be created from the agent’s Customer to the agent’s From Warehouse.
  2. A Purchase will be created from the agent’s Supplier to the agent’s To Warehouse.

Private agent explanation 3.jpg

The Private Agent's order will be flagged as finalized, but changes can be made to the order (unless it’s in a finalized inventory batch or a finalized G/L batch). The purchase will be in the Waiting to be Received queue of the Purchase Tracker to allow the entering of Date Codes. The original Order for the flagged customer will be marked with the purchase ticket number that brought the inventory in from the agent. This will allow eoStar to modify the proper transactions in the event the order is changed.

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