Post Line-Item GL Entries

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Post Line-Item GL Entries
In June 2010, this screen was moved to File>Database Administration>Recompute>GL Accounts. This popup will examine and update line item GL entries for the selected dates. Only the database administrator may access this screen.

This screen is available for the re-computation of Dr/Cr accounts for transfers in an eoStar database.

It only needs to run it if there were changes made to GL Sources. It re-marks the actual transactions (orders, purchases, transfers) with the updated GL information.

(It skips the “zero” reconciliation when scanning for reconciliations, preventing a potential failure.)

How-To Update Line-Item GL Entries

  1. Go to File>Database Administration>Post Line-Item GL Entries.
  2. Use the drop down arrows to select the From and Through dates.
  3. Click the command button Update Now.