Payment Terms NACHA Panel

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Payment Terms NACHA Panel

The NACHA Panel is added to Payment Terms screen with the addition of the NACHA Plugin. In this panel it is possible to create a payment term which is identifiable as a NACHA payment.

Note: Remember that NACHA payments are all Non-Cash payments due to the fact that they are EFT payments.

How-To Create A NACHA Payment Term

  1. Go to Records>Customer>Payment Terms.
  2. Create a new payment term, by clicking the command button New.
  3. On the NACHA panel, check the check box Process Payments Electronically via NACHA.
  4. Add information in the fields.
  5. When finished making changes, click the command button Post.

How-To Apply a NACHA Payment Term to a Customer

Customer's Bank Account Information popup
  1. After creating a NACHA Payment Term, go to Records>Customer>Records Terms Panel.
  2. Using the drop down arrow under Standard Payment Terms, select the NACHA Payment Term.
  3. In the popup screen Customer's Bank Account Information add the ABA number and Bank Account number. Click the command button Okay.
  4. When finished making changes to the customer record, click the command button Post.