Pallet Labels (ASN)

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Orders>Pallet Labels (ASN)
Orders>Pallet Labels (ASN)

This option was added in August 2009 and is used for the manual assignment of items to pallets for ASN labels. It is only invokable if the Vertique Plugin is not installed and at least one EDI Trading Partner has been flagged as requiring ASN labels (set via the EDI settings panel on the trading partner form). The Next pallet number is used to determine the increment in which pallets will be numbered.

It was designed to assist with the creation of scannable barcodes that are attached to pallets which list out the products and amounts loaded into individual pallets. This is a frequent requirement for Wal-Mart.

The barcode format is UCC 128.

Orders are sent to this menu option for Customers who are assigned to a EDI Trading Partner with the EDI Trading Partner ASN Dept ID panel completed. Customers are assigned trading partners through the Customer Records Terms panel.

The Pallet label printouts are created through Records>Reports>Design>Pallet Labels. These report designs are used when the hyperlink Print Label for Selected Order is selected.

How-To Create Pallet Labels

  1. Go to Orders>Pallet Labels (ASN).
  2. Use the drop down arrow to select the appropriate ship date. Only Orders for Customers with the correct EDI Trading Partners will be shown.
  3. Select the order from the left panel.
  4. Click the command button Process this Order.
  5. Select the products from the grid, and at the bottom, select the quantity on the pallet and the pallet number.
  6. Click the command button Assign.
  7. When finished assigning quantities and pallets for all the products, click the command button Post Processed Order. The PID will automatically be assigned.
  8. Print the Pallet ID barcodes by clicking the hyperlink Print Label for Selected Order.

Corrective Actions

Pallet labels ASN error message (missing pallet labels in trading partners).jpg

The above error message is displayed if there is no EDI Trading Partner who is flagged as requiring ASN labels. To add this, check the checkbox Requires ASN Pallet Labels on the EDI Settings panel on the Trading Partner's record.