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POS Plugin

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The POS Plugin adds the ability to handle POS (Point of Sale) items within the eoStar system. This plugin provides comprehensive, integrated point-of-sale tracking and reporting including mobile device support for POS requests, POS pickups, POS placements/removals and POS on-location surveys. In addition, it also provides the following features:

  • Before-and-after sales impact analysis.
  • Distinction between POS items produced in-house vs. items provided by suppliers.
  • Ability to bill-back suppliers based on POS placements.
  • Automatic pickup notifications for mobile devices users.

The next few sections will cover the permissions, configuration, and records setup for POS processing in eoStar. For links to operational instructions for handling POS requests, jump to the Processing POS Requests section.

  • Functional Area: Sales Support
  • Roles Impacted: Sales Reps, Sales Managers


To see the POS menu, an employee must have at least "View" access at Records > Employee > Records > Access Records Panel > POS slider:


Specific permissions for POS screens and processes are located at Records > Employee > Records > Plugins Panel > POSPlugin Section.


POS Setup

POS Order Types

At least one order type designated for POS must be created for use on POS requests.

  • Each POS order type must be marked as This order type is used for POS on the Processing Panel.
  • If POS items will be tracked in inventory, a POS order type for removals must also be created.


See Configure POS Panel for a description of each configuration setting.

POS Items

POS items can be any cutouts, signs, neons, etc. used for advertising at customer locations.

POS Product Categories

Product Categories for POS items should be created.

  • Each POS product category must be marked as Category is used for POS items on the main panel.

POS Product Sets

POS product sets are only necessary if there are employees who need to be restricted in which POS items may be requested.

  • For instructions on creating a new product set, see Product Sets.
  • Make sure to only include POS items when creating POS product sets.

For instructions on assigning POS product sets to employees, see POS Employee Product Sets.

Processing POS Requests

The following pages contain instructions for how to process POS items, from entering the initial request through removing the item from the customer location.

POS Processing on eoMobile

POS Processing on eoTablet

POS Processing on eoTouch

POS Processing in eoStar