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Shelf sequences will reduce time spent selecting a product while creating a handheld pre-sell or off truck invoice. This feature allows a sequence of items to be set up for a particular customer. When you begin an invoice for a customer that has a sequence applied to them, the products will be in a specified order. A sequence can contain many sections. Sections can be created to help organize or group products. This functionality is added with the Shelf Sequence Plugin.

About Shelf sequences

  • Only affect invoices for customers assigned to a sequence.
  • If a customer uses a shelf sequence, items not contained in the sequence are added to the bottom of any affected invoice.
  • An item can only be part of one section within a sequence.
  • Only primary products are included in sequences. Any related alt packs are implicitly included.

In order to use, shelf sequences, you need to:

  1. Create the shelf sequence How-To: Create a Shelf sequence
  2. Assign it to the customer(s) How-To: Assign a Shelf sequence to a customer