Overview: Daily Route Settlement

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Reconcile your cash

  • Handle cash, checks, coupons, vouchers and EFT payments in a single seamless process [see Payment Types].
  • Record driver cash expenses for fuel, tolls, food, and lodging … complete with notes.
  • Record customer cash refunds against credit invoices.
  • Record new off-invoice payments and apply them against multiple invoices.
  • Write-off, with reasons, discrepancies for any order being reconciled.
  • Enter fresh off-truck orders quickly and easily … recording/applying payments at the same time.
  • Write-off or record driver charges for missing $$$.
  • Record/apply credit invoices; record/apply new payments … to as many invoices as you need.
  • Make changes to orders being reconciled … add items, change quantities, prices, discounts & deposits.
  • eoStar® employee and department permissions are always in effect … you can limit what your clerks can or can’t do.
  • Pull unexpected orders into your reconciliation … even if they are still waiting for delivery confirmation or were expected to be delivered by a different driver.
  • Change payment types, amounts, and applies. Our design makes it impossible to over apply payments or record inappropriate write-offs.
  • Void orders and/or payments if need be … and you can easily undo any “mistakes”.
  • See your whole cash reconciliation summary on a single screen … its easy to identify and handle any discrepancies.
  • Change payment terms on the orders being reconciled when necessary.
  • Reconciliations are completely EFT (electronic funds transfer) aware … you can flag (or unflag) your orders as expecting payments via EFT.

Reconcile your truck inventory

  • View the details for transactions that have affected the inventory of a truck during the day: load outs, deliveries, pickups, load ins, and write-offs.
  • Include or exclude particular transactions, modify existing transactions and/or enter new inventory transactions.
  • Our elegant design lets you quickly identify and handle any inventory discrepancies.
  • Direct support for daily stripping of the truck or counting of truck inventory.
  • You can elect to reconcile the truck at some later date … for example, you may want to reconcile your cash daily, but reconcile some trucks weekly.

Quick work, no errors, more benefits!

  • Direct 10 key (numpad) support for almost all data entry … minimal mousing makes things fast.
  • Color highlighting lets you quickly see things like unexpected payments on charge orders, mismatches between payments and their applied amounts, and discrepancies of any kind.
  • Each operation has been designed for simple use and provides instant feedback when “suspect” operations are performed.
  • View and/or print your current reconciliation summary or any prior reconciliation summary for the driver you are processing.
  • Our new plugin works hand-in-hand with our delivery handheld applications … but is, flat-out, the easiest and fastest process you’ll find for recording manual reconciliations or for dealing with routes that are “part paper”.

Starting your reconciliation

Pick a driver, truck and reconciliation date … enter your cash room receipts and fire it up. You can always easily “fix” a number later, but you won’t be able to post your reconciliation until your cash balances or you’ve explicitly handled any cash discrepancies.


Something to know

  • If you’d like to view prior reconciliations for a driver just poke the big button below the cash room receipt entries. You can do this even if you aren’t planning on reconciling at this time. A sample reconciliation summary is included at the end of this document so you can see the kind of information that will be displayed and/or printed.

Working with deliveries and pickups


You’ll see a list of the deliveries and pickups that are being reconciled on the left. As you select an order, you’ll see the invoice details on the right. Typically you’ll reconcile and adjust all of your pickups and deliveries before reconciling the truck’s inventory.

Some of the things you can do …

  • Add new items, delete items, and change line item specifics (including overriding descriptions) … all such modifications are allowed (or not) based on your employee’s specific eoStar® permissions.
  • You can void an order if need be (but always “unvoid” it if you make a mistake).
  • You can apply multiple payments and/or credit invoices against any order you are working with.
  • You can easily exclude a particular order from your reconciliation, pull in orders that weren’t expected to be part of your reconciliation, or add new orders.
  • If the payments you’ve recorded don’t match the expected amount, you can either charge the customer for the discrepancy, or write-off the difference.
  • You can directly enter new payments, and/or modify existing payments that have been applied … you can even void payments and change the apply amounts. Your reconciliation is updated perfectly to reflect each and every operation you perform.
  • Note the color highlighting on the list of deliveries/pickups … you can quickly identify which orders are included in your reconciliation, and which have “shortages”.

Additional payments


Our handhelds let your drivers (and customers) know what’s past due, account payment history, and account terms. This means you might need to record additional unexpected payments that your drivers bring back. Our plugin lets you record an unlimited number of such payments … you can even apply them to one or more of the orders that are part of your reconciliation.

Recording refunds and driver expenses

Settle 4.JPG

We directly support the recording of “payouts” by your driver to customers, and any expenses they might incur while running their routes. Such refunds and expenses reduce the amount of expected cash your driver will bring back.

Reconcile the cash


A concise summary of your cash reconciliation is always just a click away!

The snapshot above shows how we summarize your reconciliation and use highlighting to make it easy to identify discrepancies, and mis-typed entries. You can’t post your reconciliation until everything is “green”, or you’ve elected to charge the driver or write-off discrepancy amounts.

Prior to posting there is a built in report that summarizes your reconciliation. Of course, using Crystal Reports® or eoStar® customizable SQL queries you can directly access saved reconciliation records and custom design exactly the report you need. Every invoice tweak, payment, expense, refund and write-off is time stamped and always available for review within eoStar®.

And remember … our general ledger rules let you easily funnel various payments, expenses, write-offs and charges right where they need to go.

Reconcile the truck

Once you’re pretty sure the deliveries and pickups have all been properly adjusted, it’s time to reconcile the driver’s truck …


Any transfers or write-offs already on file for the truck are listed on the left. You can “check” or “uncheck” these transactions to include/exclude them from consideration.

The bottom grid summarizes all of the important inventory numbers:

  • The total quantities the truck started out the day with
  • The total quantities loaded onto the truck during the day
  • The total quantities delivered and picked up during the day
  • The total quantities loaded back into the warehouse or drop point during the day
  • The total quantities written-off during the day
  • The expected quantities remaining on the truck

The upper grid shows details for any numbers you are interested in … there is a ‘tab’ for each type of transaction that affects truck inventory … note that each tab corresponds to particular column in the bottom grid.

Here’s another view of the same form, but now it is showing the items that were delivered during the day in the upper grid. Like many other grids within eoStar®, you can “group” things to see information for particular products or tickets.


Nifty features …

  • As you poke numbers in the lower grid, the appropriate ‘tab’ in the upper grid is selected and items are highlighted that correspond to your selection. This makes it a snap to find out what is “contributing” to the numbers in the reconciliation grid.
  • When you identify a discrepancy you can add adjusting entries (e.g. write-offs), fix quantities on transfers, and do everything necessary to make a truck balance properly.
  • You can jump to a ticket being reconciled that has a particular item of interest by just clicking on the “blue” ticket numbers … see those in the snapshot above?
  • A handy checkbox limits the display to show only items having discrepancies … if checked, then once you’ve handled any discrepancies the bottom grid will contain no items. If unchecked, then all items of interest are listed … with any discrepancies highlighted in red.
  • If you are stripping the truck daily, the “Strip truck” checkbox will be set … this means you won’t be counting the truck since your ‘Expected’ numbers should all be zero. The ‘Count’ and ‘Off-by’ columns and the ‘Enter / update truck counts’ button will be hidden if the truck is being stripped. You can decide to strip (or not) during your reconciliation ;)
  • Note that when ‘stripping’, any non-zero ‘Expected’ number represents a discrepancy and must be handled before you can post the reconciliation. If the truck isn’t being stripped you can enter counts and are encouraged (but not required) to resolve every discrepancy prior to posting. If you don’t handle all inventory discrepancies, the ‘Expected’ levels just “roll” over to the next reconciliation.

Summarize, Review, and Post

You can see a summary report of your reconciliation as it stands at any time. And when your reconciliation is ready to post you can enter a note if you’d like and then print the report. This is the same report that is available for review at any point in the future … remember the ‘View Prior Reconciliation Summary’ feature?




  • You’ll be amazed at how quickly your clerks will process day end reconciliations using this plugin … especially if you are using our eoMobile® handhelds. When using handhelds, any adjustments to orders will have already been posted along with payments, write-offs etc. Completely reconciling such routes often requires only a couple of minutes!


  • All numbers, totals, summaries, discrepancies and other information throughout the reconciliation forms are updated immediately whenever you make a change to any data that affects the reconciliation. For example, when you change the quantity for an item on an order, the expected cash (or shortage) may change, the truck reconciliation numbers update and the summary report is refreshed.
  • You can always easily fix mistaken entries that your drivers have recorded, or that may have been mistyped during the reconciliation. Such mistakes are easily caught since oddball entries are either simply disallowed or stick out like a sore thumb during the reconciliation.

Easy to use

  • All of this functionality … and it’s smooth to use and simple to understand. In fact, this overview can’t really convey the ease with which you can now handle this critical, daily business process. You have to try it out!
If you haven’t already been contacted, please get in touch with your eoStar® representative or tech support person to learn more about Rutherford & Associates new Daily Route Settlement Plugin … or other powerful plugins that will help you run your business.