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This is an explanation of the Tel-Sell Order entry screen.
There are various screens associated with the five types of Orders. The thumbnail is a Tel-Sell order entry screen.
  • The pricing of the products is based on a computed calculation. For an explanation of the calculated pricing, see Price Calculation.
  • There are three note sections in this screen. Any notes written here will create notes on Handheld Invoices, the Records>Customer>Records Notes Panel, and on the order information. The notes under the check box More are sent to various places within eoStar. For more information, see Accounts Receivable Notes.
  • The charge tax checkbox may be checked to charge sales tax for the selected order. For more information, see Taxes.
  • The Forecast Plugin allows for the quick uploading of an estimate on the amount of product the customer may need to cover the selected number of days.
  • To make an order a bulk order, check the check box on the bottom of the screen.
  • Account terms are input into eoStar via the Records>Customer>Records Terms Panel and can be changed for the specific order using the drop down arrow.
  • Additional charges are dictated through the Delivery and Freight Charge Manager and Delivery Charge Plugin.
  • If there is a return from the customer to the company, a negative quantity of an item can be inserted into the order. After inserting this amount, select the return reason and click the command button Okay.
  • The Sales History Tree in the left panel (the + signs next to "Order # #### on ##/##/####) contains both voided and delivered orders.
  • In order for employees to change the price, discounts, descriptions, or deposits, the "May Change Prices," "May Change Discounts," "May Override Descriptions," and "May Change Deposits" checkboxes on the Permissions Panel must be checked.
  • The Load #, under the "Other Info" viewable when the More checkbox is checked, and is used in ULM to split out the loads for a truck if there isn’t enough room on the truck to cover the route for the day. It denotes that a new truck is required and is viewable on the Delivery Dispatch screen.

Users can no longer print invoices through the order entry form if:

  • The Do Not Allow Printing of Invoices Before Load Has Been Generated is checked on the Configure screen's Orders to Loads Panel.
  • The order is sourced from a truck.
  • The order has not already been delivered.
  • and a transfer for the order has not yet be generated through orders-to-loads.


The following is a list of changes that the order entry screens have undergone.

AR Information on Customers

In October 2009, changes were made to display Past Due and open account receivables information for a customer on a Tel-Sell screen. Clicking on the Past Due hyperlink will display a popup listing out all the open receivables for the selected customer. This is to be used for tel-seller's to view the past due data prior to starting an order for a customer.

During order entry, there is a Current Balance hyperlink. This hyperlink will display the same data.

Users may only view this information in the popups if the See Receivables checkbox on the Permissions Panel.

Promotion Date

Set Promo Date on the Order Entry Screen

In February 2010, changes were made to add the ability to change the Promotion Date on un-delivered orders. This functionality was added so a user can go in eoStar and set the promo date so the customer can still receive the promotion even though the delivery date might be outside of the promo dates.

To change the promotion date, click the hyperlink Promo Date on the order entry screen. Setting the date will cause an immediate re-compute of the discounts available and applied to the order.

It is only possible to set a promotion date on undelivered orders and the date must be within 7 days of the expected ship date. If changing the expected ship date after setting a promotion date, and the date is not within the 7 day range, then the promotion date will be automatically cleared. Available promotions are usually based on the expected ship date or an actual delivery date of an order, but it will be based on the promotion date if specified for the selected order in this field.

In order for a user to access this function, the May Set the Promotion Date on Undelivered orders checkbox on the Employee's or Departments Plugins Panel should be checked.

Promotion dates may also be locked through the Today's Missed Deliveries: Re-schedule/Promo Lock screen.

In order to Unlock a promotion, click the hyperlink Promo Date on the order entry screen. Click the hyperlink Clear Date.

In March 2010, the checkbox Lock Down Promotions and Discounts on New Pre-sell and Tel-sell Orders was added to the Configure Database Orders Panel. This checkbox will "lock" the promotional price for the expected ship date unless the user has set a specific promo date on the order.

Backorder Popup

If an order is re-opened, and the Backorder Plugin is installed, and the user over-commits an item on the re-opened order, they are presented with the same backorder popup as they normally would be when entering a new order.