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NACHA Plugin

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NACHA is an electronic payment network which creates EFT payments. The NACHA Plugin increases eoStar functionality to be able to use NACHA. For more information about NACHA, see For a complete overview and detailed setup of NACHA, see Overview: NACHA.

Note: For NACHA files to be sent they need to be encrypted and signed using PGP.

In August 2009, changes were made to add the "The NACHA encryption and transmission is performed manually" checkbox to the Configure NACHA panel. This setting prevents the "encrypt and transmit" step form being performed by the NACHA plugin.

In October 2009, changes were made to add support for non Bank of America NACHA processing.

It Added:


There are levels of access available for each individual employee or a specific employee department. The Permissions Panel limits or expands the field of access towards certain functions of eoStar and also creates a level of security.

  • AR>Nacha Payments - Grants access to the NACHA Payments screen
  • User can view and edit NACHA bank account info for customers