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Manufacturers are the creators of the product within the system. This information is typically tracked for reporting purposes. This page explains how to create and manage the manufacturer records.

How to create a new manufacturer record

  1. Go to Records>Manufacturer.
  2. Click New on top bar.
  3. Specify record and employee number for employee record. Either select the provided number or create your own.
  4. Add information - Name, Ship to, Address, Mail to.
  5. Click Save on top bar when finished.

Locating a Manufacturer

To search through the records check the Search box located on the left. Either type the name in the Find box, or search through erased records by checking the show erased only check box.

Additional Record Information

Products Panel

This panel lists all the products in the associated selected record.


Manufactuer prices.gif


This shows the summary of retail sales by month for the manufacturer selected. There are advanced options available.


This is the inventory shown for the manufacturer.


The manufacturer's website may be linked here.


This segment shows any reports related to the Manufacturer. The selected report can be changed under the report segment in the bottom box and by the time period. The reports shown here can be sent to both the printer and excel. For more information see Reports Panel.