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The MBO Plugin (Management By Objectives) is designed to create incentive goals for employees. It generates a system within eoStar and eoMobileCF where it is easy to produce and track goals. The incentive programs for employee sales can be created and maintained through the MBO menu option.

There are four main types of incentive programs available – accomplishment, distribution, display, and sales. The accomplishment incentives are any user defined programs where certain goals, such as six months of service, are achieved. Distribution goals deal with a specific product and the amount of new customers receiving that product. Displays goals are goals where displays, such as football goal posts created from beer cases, are tracked. Sales goals are incentive programs where a certain amount or type of product is sold to customers.

Typically, for participation and completion of these incentive goals, employees receive a payment based on the percentage completed. As such, each type of incentive has a payment plan and displays the amount due to employees based on that payment plan. Multiple goal records are tied in with the tiers within the payment plans.

The incentive programs are based on a group of customers, known as a customer set. Customer sets are created in a separate application and therefore, can include or exclude customers found on user based criteria. Customer Sets should be set up before MBO Goals and Incentive Programs.

Incentives are set up in two major steps:

  • First, the goals are created. Goals are the objectives the employees must achieve.
  • After the goals are completed, the incentive program can be created.

The Sales Goals can contain the same products, or put another way, multiple sales goals can be created for an individual product.

Payment plans are setup on a percentage completion and payment basis. Payment plans may have up to five tiers which are the percentage of the levels of accomplishments completed. The pay due from these payment plans are based on the number of accomplishments the employee completed. For example, if an employee has ten customers with two Goals. There would be twenty accomplishments required to receive 100% of the payment as dictated in the Payment Plans panel. Therefore, if the employee only completes ten accomplishments, then the employee would only receive fifty percent of the payment (if the payment plan is setup that way).

MBO and the Forecast Plugin work closely together in order to fill in the estimated amounts of products used in the incentive programs. In order for the forecast records to automatically fill in the employee goal amounts, the records need to have the current and previous year's periods. To get an estimated amount of product, the Forecast Entry needs to contain product amounts. The product amounts in the Forecast entry can be either derived from Demand Foresight, the previous years values, or user-created values.

The MBO goals may be monitored by the employees on their Mobile Devices. Through the recap menu on eoMobileCF 2009, the users can see the goal and how much they have already accomplished. Additionally, they may update certain goal types. Any changes or updates to any MBO goals are recorded in the handheld log and are sent to the backend through a full-sync. Changes may be viewed in the Completed Goals panel for the incentive program. This panel may also be used to "void" a completed goal if needed. For more information, see eoMobileCF Recap Sales Goals, eoMobileCF Recap Distribution Goals, EoMobileCF Recap Accomplishment Goals, EoMobileCF Recap Display Goals or EoTablet MBO Goals.

eoMobile does not have the capability (thus far) to record completed Display Goals within the system; however, eoTablet does. eoTablet will update the Completed Goals panel on the Display Incentive Programs screen.

For more information on the setup and running of legacy MBO, see Overview: MBO.

It added:


There are levels of access available for each individual employee or a specific employee department. The Permissions Panel limits or expands the field of access towards certain functions of eoStar and also creates a level of security.

  • MBO>Goals>Accomplishment goals - Grants access to the Accomplishment Goals screen
  • MBO>Goals>Distribution goals - Grants access to the Distribution Goals screen
  • MBO>Goals>Display goals - Grants access to the Display Goals screen
  • MBO>Goals>Sales goals - Grants access to the Sales Goals screen
  • MBO>Incentives>Accomplishment incentive programs - Grants access to the Accomplishment Incentive Programs screen
  • MBO>Incentives>Distribution incentive programs - Grants access to the Distribution Incentive Programs screen
  • MBO>Incentives>Display incentive programs - Grants access to the Display Incentive Programs screen
  • MBO>Incentives>Sales incentive programs - Grants access to the Sales Incentive Programs screen
  • MBO>Incentives: May access include panels - Grants access to the Include panel
  • MBO>Incentives: May access employee goal panels - Grants access to the Employee goals panel
  • MBO>Incentives: May access employee payment plan panels - Grants access to the Payment Plans panel
  • MBO>Incentives: May access completed goal panels - Grants access to the Completed goals panel
  • MBO>Incentives: May access review panels - Grants access to the Review panel
  • MBO>Incentives: May access pay due panels - Grants access to the Pay Due panel
  • May target and review all participating employees -

Recent changes

In August 2008, the MBO plugin no longer uses separate MBO customer sets and now uses the Customer Sets on the Records>Customer>Customer Sets.

In October 2009, the recap menu on the handheld was expanded to include Accomplisment and Display goals.