MBO Distribution Incentive Programs

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MBO>Incentives>Distribution Incentives
This functionality is added with the addition of the MBO Plugin. This is where the employees, customers, goals and payment plans will be set up, as well as where the completed goals will be entered and the employee’s compensation for the incentive program will be calculated. Only the MBO Distribution Goals can be added to these incentive programs.

The employees for the goals may view their progress in the program through the EoMobileCF Recap Distribution Goals option.

In order for employees to access this screen, the "MBO>Incentives>Distribution Incentive Programs" checkbox on the Plugins Panel must be checked.

How-to Create a New Incentive Program

  1. Go to MBO>Incentives>Distribution Incentive Programs.
  2. Click the command button New.
  3. Specify the record number, either by selecting the provided number or creating your own.
  4. Add information - name, program description, program run dates, and program customer set.
  5. Click the command button Save.
  6. In the Include panel, check the check boxes next to the associated participating employees and target Distribution goals. Note: All included employees will be eligible for all included goals. When finished making changes, click the command button Post.
  7. In the Employee Goals panel, select the employees off the top list. The bottom panel will list all customers the selected employee services. For each Goal, either check them or add the goal's quantity. When finished making changes, click the command button Post.
  8. In the Payment plans panel, add information for incentives. When finished making changes, click the command button Post.
    1. To create a new plan, click the command button Add New Plan.
    2. Add the amount of money available.
    3. Use the radio buttons to select the Plan Basis. Note: If # of cases is selected, the checked goal was not set up as a number of cases promotion, the Goal on the right will be unchecked and highlighted in red to indicate it is not a valid option.
    4. Type in the achievement and payment percentages. There are five available tiers, but not all of them need to be set. Tier 1 should be the lowest percent and go up from there. If the lowest Achievement % is not reached, then no money will be paid for the incentive.
    5. Check the Goals included in the plan.
  9. As the employees finish and complete the goals, record the goals on the Completed Goals screen.

Additional Information

Include Panel

This panel is used to select the participating employees and MBO Goals for the selected Incentive Program.

Employee Goals Panel

This panel is used to select the customers and goals that each employee needs to accomplish. If the employee is selected in the Include panel, they will be shown here. However, if the customer set does not include the customers that this employee services, then the will not be shown in the bottom part of the panel. Use the radio buttons to select the goals that the employee must meet per customer. Each radio selected will be added to the total amount of goals to do.

Payment Plans Panel

This panel is used to create the payment plans for completed goals. This panel would be used if there was a cash incentive for the completion of the goals. Cash incentives are set up in plans which are assigned to include goals. There can be multiple payment plans and multiple goals may be assigned to them.

Completed Goals Panel

This panel is used to insert the completed goals of the employees. To add a completed goal, click the command button Record Completed Goals. Add the information and click save.

Review Panel

This panel shows summary information for each employee’s completed goals.

Pay Due Panel

This panel shows the current goals achieved along with what is needed to reach the first tier of the payment plan or the current level achieved if the employee has reached one of the payment tiers. The total due to the employee will be shown here as well.