Inventory batches

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Recompute Inventory Batches Popup
Old Recompute Inventory Batches popup
The Recompute Inventory Batches feature allows the re-computation of the totals within an inventory batch and it rolls the inventory forward from each batch to its successor. The inventory batches are created during Inventory>Reconcile inventory.

In order for employees to access this screen, the "File>Database Administration>Recompute>Inventory Batches" checkbox on the Plugins Panel must be checked.

Changes in July 2009 brought about the ability for the Inventory batch recompute to create adjustments for batches to match the ending levels to the physical counts for batches. Additionally, now the business close-out date in the recomputed-inventory option is shown. (See Scan Type below.)

Scan Type

  • Deep Scan - This scan should be performed first and it validates the inventory batch levels table. It does not create transactions, but instead balances the inventory batch levels table.
  • Adjustment Scan - This scan should be performed after the Deep Scan and will fix the ending batch levels by creating a write-off or repack for missing quantities.
    • Ignore business day closeout checkbox - This box automatically defaults checked, which means that the adjustments that are created will use the finalized batch date. If unchecked, then the adjustments are posted to the day after the business day closeout.