Installing eoWarehouse

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eoWarehouse can be installed in one of two ways: by using a 30-day developers license for testing and immediate use purposes, or by purchasing a permanent sideloading license to use the application permanently on a device.

Developer License Installation

When logged in to your target device as a machine administrator, in order to install eoWarehouse using a Developer license:

  • Navigate to the folder holding the Dev install package. (e.g. eoWarehouse_14.7.7.0_AnyCPU_Test\Add-AppDevPackage)


  • Right click on Add-AppDevPackage and select "Run with Powershell". This will open up a shell prompt that will follow a few inputs:

1) The powershell will offer a security warning. Type R and hit enter to run the script.


2) It will then inform you a developer license is required. Press enter, and then agree to the dev license terms.

  • In order for this step to be successful you will need to ensure that Windows Update Service is running.


3) You will then be asked for credentials for a Windows account. If you have one of your own, you may use that. Otherwise, contact support for the relevant credentials.


4) The application will then have the resources it needs, and will begin to install. Once complete hit enter.


5) You are now ready to begin using eoWarehouse.

Removing A Microsoft Developer License (Optional)

NOTE: If you participated in the eoWarehouse beta, you would have gone through a step that acquired a “developer license”, follow these steps to remove that license before following the steps above.

  1. Open an elevated PowerShell command prompt
  2. Run the following command: Unregister-WindowsDeveloperLicense
    • NOTE: If you do not have a developer license you’ll receive the following message when running the above command, “There is no developer license on this computer”

Sideload License Installation

For information on purchasing a sideload license

NOTE: If you participated in the eoWarehouse beta and have a developer license installed on your device, please see the Removing a Microsoft Developer License section prior to getting started. Before you can install a Sideload product key, you must purchase them:(Available at CDW: [1])

Installing Sideload Product Key

Open Windows Powershell
  1. Open an elevated PowerShell command prompt
    1. Open File Explorer and go to your C: drive.
    2. Click on the “File” menu
    3. Expand Open Windows PowerShell and Click “Open Windows PowerShell as administrator” to open an elevated command prompt window.
  2. Run the following command: Slmgr /ipk <sideloading product key>
    • NOTE: Make certain you replace <sideloading product key> with your actual product key with no brackets. Sideloading product key1.png
  3. After a few moments you should get a pop-up window to let you know “Product key xxxx…” was installed successfully.

Activating Sideload Product Key

Sideload Activation Popup
  1. Open an elevated PowerShell command prompt
  2. Run the following command: Slmgr /ato ec67814b-30e6-4a50-bf7b-d55daf729d1e. Sideloading product key2.png
    • NOTE: The command above should be ran as-is, as this code is telling windows to activate the sideloading license that was installed.
  3. If successful, You should see a popup like the one to the right:

Installing eoWarehouse

NOTE: Once you’ve installed a Sideload license you can no longer use the provided PowerShell script as it requires you to have a developer license.

  1. Open a PowerShell command prompt
  2. Navigate your command prompt to the location of your eoWarehouse Appx file
  3. Run the following command: Add-AppxPackage <eoWarehouse Appx file name>
    • NOTE: Make certain you replace <eoWarehouse Appx file name> to the actual name of the Appx file.

Installing eoWarehouse for All Users

Below are examples for PowerShell to Add/Remove eoWarehouse for All Users. This would typically be done by Customers who are using an RDS (Remote Desktop Server) environment for eoWarehouse.

NOTE: If a user manually uninstalls eoWarehouse from their User Profile, when eoWarehouse is being provisioned to All Users, one way to restore eoWarehouse is to delete the users Windows Profile. (System Properties -> Advanced Tab, Settings button under User Profiles. Find and select the user in question, then click Delete), the next time they log in, eoWarehouse will re-appear.

The following commands should be ran from an Administrative PowerShell prompt.

Add-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online -SkipLicense -PackagePath "C:\temp\eoWarehouse_17.1.3.0_AnyCPU.appx"

Get-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online

Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online -PackageName RutherfordAndAssociates.eoWarehouse_17.1.3.0_neutral__e28n0eh99bnpa

Install Errors

If you receive the message below, the group policy setting needs to allow deployment operations in special profiles.


Press Windows Key + R combination and put gpedit.msc in Run dialog box.

Navigate to the Windows Components folder to enable the setting.