ION Report - Supplier Rebates

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Added in April 2010, this report shows some basic data about how much each supplier owes in rebates, and for what items sold to what customers. This report is only available when not on mobile ION.

In order for employees to access this screen, the "May Access Supplier Rebates Report" checkbox on the Plugins Panel must be checked.

For a complete list of all available ION Reports, see Overview: ION Reports.

January 2012, an 'Order Type' column was added so it can be sorted/filtered on in the report.

How-To Create a Supplier Rebate Report

  1. Select the Supplier Rebate Report off of the ION Reports panel.
  2. Select the warehouses used on the Warehouses panel.
  3. Select the From and Through dates off the Date Selection panel or use the Prior Day-span spinner to select the number of business days the trend computation looks back to.
  4. Add any formulas on the Formula's panel.
  5. In the Fields & Figures panel, select the columns wanted in the report. A field is something that the report is grouped by, and a figure is something that is added up within a group.
  6. Use the product and customer selector boxes at the bottom of the screen to select the included or excluded products and customers.