ION Report - Recommended Order Report

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Recommended Order Report
Sample Printed Report
The goal of this report is to set a recommended number of cases to order for a product.

The report lists the product number, name and size along with sales data for the last year to date, the current month and year to date sales, sales trend percentage, sale amounts from the last 12 months, SPA data for the next 12 months, on hand and waiting to be received inventory and the recommended number of cases to order. The Recommended order report will report negative numbers for “recommended” if there is an excess of inventory.

Selections include a range of projected months and a number of days for the Trend Percentage (i.e. 90 business days). With a variety of field selections available to display the data. The products panel is available at the bottom of the screen for supplier, product selections or exclusions.

The actual time span that the trend is using is displayed at the bottom of the report.

  • This is the only ION report that uses a Dev Express report format when the user clicks on the print button.

This report scans all orders (delivered and pending).

In order for employees to access this screen, the "May Access Recommended Order Report" checkbox on the Plugins Panel must be checked.

For a complete list of all available ION Reports, see Overview: ION Reports.

Field Explanations

  • ItemKey (Number)
  • ItemName
  • Package (Size)
  • Recommended (Order Number) - Recommended number of cases to order for this item.
  • Trend (Percentage) -The Trend percentage looks backward from today by the number of business days selected (default 90.) It displays the percentage increase in sales made this year compared to sales over the same period one year ago.
  • Avg Case/Mo - Current year to date sales DIVIDED by the year to date number of months.
  • On Hand (Inventory) - Cases and Bottles on hand (in warehouse(s)).
  • On Order (Inventory) - Cases and Bottles ordered but not yet received.
  • Min/Max Level - Minimum and Maximum number of cases in a level.
  • MTD (Month to Date Sales) - Cases and Bottles sold from the beginning of the current month to the current date.
  • YTD (Year to Date Sales) - Cases and Bottles sold from the beginning of the year to the current date.
  • Prior Year (Sales) - Cases and Bottles sold during the entire previous year.
  • Sales History (Previous Months’ Sales) - Cases and Bottles sold the 12 months previous to the current date.
  • SPA (by Month) - SPA amounts for the coming 12 months from the beginning projected date. This is populated from the laid-in costs table.

How-To Create a Recommended Order Report

  1. Select Recommended Order Report off the ION Reports panel.
  2. Select the warehouse(s) on the warehouses panel.
  3. Select the From and Through dates off the Date Selection panel or use the Prior Day-span spinner to select the number of business days the trend computation looks back to.
  4. Check the checkboxes next to the fields to display on the panel.
  5. Use the product selector at the bottom of the screen to select the included or excluded products.