ION Report - Pricing and Promotions

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ION Price and Promotions report
This report will show every possible price and discount at which a customer could buy an item over a range of dates. This includes promotional information. This report can be used in conjuction with the DX report writer to create custom price lists for your customers.

To display promotional information, check the checkbox Show Promotion Information. To only display prices for each customer's assigned warehouse, check the checkbox Only Show Prices for Customers' Assigned Warehouses.

In order for employees to access this screen, the "May Access Pricing and Promotions Report" checkbox on the Plugins Panel must be checked.

For a complete list of all available ION Reports, see Overview: ION Reports.

This report has a warehouse tab, which translates as "the warehouse that a hypothetical order would be sourced from." eoStar looks up price rule price books, and evaluates the price rule based on the source warehouse, not the warehouse assigned to the order's customer. This means that an item might have a different price coming from warehouse A or from warehouse B thanks to a price rule.

How-To Create a Price and Promotions Report

  1. Select Pricing and Promotions from the Reports panel.
  2. Using the checkboxes, select the warehouses used in the report.
  3. Select the From and Through dates and date settings off the Date Selection panel.
  4. In the Fields to Display panel, select the columns wanted in the report.
  5. Using the drop down arrow, bring up the Product and Customer Include or Exclude screen to select the products for the report.
  6. Check the checkbox Show Promotion Information to display the promotional data.

Additional Information

The following error will appear if a report is too large (Customers X Products > 500,000):

Ion report too large.jpg

To fix this error, choose fewer customers or products.