ION Report - Inventory Writeoffs

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Inventory Writeoffs
This report examines the number of writeoffs of inventory in the selected time frame. It was added in November 2009.

In order for employees to access this screen, the "May Access Inventory Writeoffs Report" checkbox on the Plugins Panel must be checked.

To see more ION reports, see Overview: ION Reports.

How-To Create a Inventory Writeoff Report

  1. Select Inventory Writeoff off the Reports panel.
  2. In the Warehouses panel, select the warehouses wanted in the report.
  3. In the date selection panel, check the checkbox correlating with the date range.
  4. In the Figures panel, check the checkbox correlating with the types of information required.
  5. Check the check boxes located at the bottom of the screen associated with the fields of information wanted to be displayed (Warehouse Name, Warehouse #, Drop Point Name, Drop Point #, Delivery Truck #, Order #).