ION Report - Delivery Adjustments

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Delivery Adjustment
Added in January 2010, this report examines all the Delivery Adjustment reasons and the associated cost. This screen uses the Product Delivery Adjustment Reasons provided in the database, and examines the data from multiple sources. The cost is determined from the the time frame and the number of adjustments provided.

The checkbox Include Pending Orders, if checked, will expand the orders shown.

In order for employees to access this screen, the "May Access Delivery Adjustments Report" checkbox on the Plugins Panel must be checked.

To see more ION reports, see Overview: ION Reports.

How-To Create a Delivery Adjustment Report

  1. Select Delivery Adjustments off the Reports panel.
  2. Select the warehouses off the Warehouses panel. If only a single warehouse is chosen, then only inventory in that warehouse and its associated trucks will be counted.
  3. Select the date off the Date Selection panel.
  4. In the Figures panel, check the checkboxes associated with the type of information wanted within the report.
  5. In the Fields to Display panel, select the columns wanted in the report.
  6. Using the drop down arrow, bring up the Product Include or Exclude screen to select the products for the report. If the report is filtered to show only certain products, then the ranking will be based on only the selected records, not on all items.
  7. Check the check boxes located at the bottom of the screen associated with the fields of information wanted to be displayed (Delivery Truck, Delivery Driver #, Delivery Driver Name, Order #, Salesperson #, Salesperson Name).

Figure Panel Explanation

  • Item Name - This is the name of the item.
  • Delivery Adjustment Reason - This is the delivery adjustment reason.
  • Cost - This is the cost for the product.