ION Report - Customer Service Level

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Customer Service Level
The customer service level report measures performance as a percentage of number of complete (no cuts) order lines for each record during the specified time frame out of the total number of order lines for each record. This report scans all orders (delivered and pending).

In order for employees to access this screen, the "May Access Customer Service Level Report" checkbox on the Plugins Panel must be checked.

For a complete list of all available ION Reports, see Overview: ION Reports.

How-To Create a Customer Service Level Report

  1. Select Customer Service Level Report off the Reports panel.
  2. On the Date Selection panel check the checkboxes next to the associated date ranges. Type in the number of years and use the drop down arrow to select the cutoff date.
  3. In the Figures panel, check the checkboxes associated with the type of information wanted within the report.
  4. In the Fields to Display panel, select the columns wanted in the report.
  5. The drop down arrows bring up the Product and Customer Include or Exclude screens to select the products and the customers for the report.

Figures Panel Explained

  • Customer Service Level - This is the percentage based on the number of completed order lines divided by the total number of order lines.
  • Nbr Cut Order Lines - This is the number of order lines cut from orders.
  • Nbr Complete Order Lines - This is the number of complete order lines in placed orders.
  • Nbr Total Order Lines - This is the total number of order lines placed.
  • Qty Cut - This is the total number of product cut from the orders.