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IControl Plugin

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The iControl Plugin allows eoStar to interface with iControl Data Solutions, a secure method of electronically exchanging delivery data, settling invoices, and reconciling payment activity.

NOTE: In most cases, iControl will process payments for submitted orders day-of/next-day.

  • In certain instances, users may submit invoices with specified due dates (whether eoStar submits them with static 15-30 day terms, or makes use of dynamic credit calendars).
  • Should users need to make use of these Net terms, iControl will need to configure distributor-specific settings on their end to accept and process by these dates.

For instructions on sending and receiving files from iControl, see IControl Send/Receive.

  • Functional Area: Finance
  • Roles Impacted: Accounts Receivable


iControl Panel Setup

Located at File > Database Administration > Configure > iControl Panel.

See Configure iControl Panel for instructions.

Product UPC Setup

UPCs are not required for products being sent through iControl. However, when sending a product with no UPC, a warning will pop-up notifying the user which product(s) are missing a UPC. The user may cancel and enter a UPC for the noted product(s) or continue without entering a UPC.

It is recommended to enter UPCs as they will aid in identifying products when viewing orders from iControl's portal.

UPCs are entered on the Records > Product > Records > ID Panel.


Customer Setup

Customer's that will be paying invoices via iControl, must be assigned an iControl payment term.