Handheld Restore Code

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Records>Handheld>Restore Code
The handheld Restore Code is used during the Restore functionality on the mobile devices. In order to perform a restore, this code must be entered first. This code changes everyday so that the handheld users must call the office in order to receive it. For more information, see Handheld - Backup/Restore (May 2009).

Previously this information was found in File>Database Administration>Configure Handheld Panel screen. In July 2009, it was moved to Records>Handheld>Restore Code.

In August 2009, the checkbox Require Entry of Restore Code on Mobile Devices was added to determine whether or not to require the restore code when the user elects to do a restore. This means that if this field is checked, then the mobile devices will require this code. If un-checked, then the mobile devices may be restored without this code entered.

In order for users to access and use this screen, the checkbox Records>Handheld>Restore Code must be checked on the Employee Plugins Panel.