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Records>Handheld>Handheld Records sessions panel
This screen is used to assign a handheld device to an employee and warehouse. It is also possible to view session logs of handheld activity.

How-To Add a New Handheld Record

  1. Go to Records > Handheld > Records.
  2. Click the command button New.
    • If all available licenses are in use, a message will pop-up to contact Rutherford and purchase additional licenses.
  3. Specify the record number by either selecting a provided number or entering a new one.
  4. Add information - name, employee, warehouse, and order type.
  5. Include Common Carrier Shipment - Check this box to allow this handheld to use common carriers on Pick and Ship Orders.
  6. When finished making changes, click the command button Save.

Additional Information

Sessions Panel

The sessions panel displays any session information for the selected handheld device. The top panel lists all the sessions within a selected time range. The bottom panel lists the log information for that specific session. Any details for a selected log may be viewed by clicking the command button Details for Selected Log. Details of orders, transfers, and uploads, may be viewed by clicking the hyperlink Route Analyzer.

The details log contains all the information and changes made on the handheld from a full sync to another full sync. To view specific information on the the details log, use the radio buttons on the left hand side to toggle between the information shown.

The Sessions Panel can also be used to Export Session information to either an e-mail address or a disk. For more information, see Handheld Session Information Export.

Reports Panel

For more information, see Reports Panel.