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Pallet Handoff: 11/21
On Wednesday, November 21st, Rutherford and Associates will host two free webinars showcasing Pallet Handoff. Pallet Handoff is used in the warehouse to allow multiple pickers to pick the same pallet in different zones.
Functional Area: Operations Employees to Attend: Pallet Pickers, Warehouse Managers

Handheld Popup Messages

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The following is a list of common popup messages on the mobile devices and their explanation.

Negative Entries not Allowed

Error message negative entries are not allowed on pre-sell orders.gif

This message occurs when a pre-seller attempts to place a return (or negative quantity) in a pre-sell order on the handheld when the Allow pre-sellers to schedule pickups checkbox is not checked. This setting is on the Configure Database Handheld Panel.

Non-Returnable Items

Handheld Non-Returnable Items

This screen is displayed if the user does not have permission to enter in negative quantities for a specific non-returnable item. For more information, see Overview: Returnable and Non-Returnable Items.

Transaction Posting Error

Call office error message.gif

This error message appears when there was an issue transmitting the data from the mobile device to the backend. The data may or may not have been posted to the backend. The user should call the company office to make sure the data has been uploaded. If the data is located in the backend system, then the user may perform a full sync. If the data is not located in the backend, then the user should call Rutherford Support in order to prevent the loss of data.

Sync Issues

Each time a mobile device is synced, the data being uploaded is captured by the server before it is posted to the database. After the data is posted, the captured data is validated against what was posted to ensure no data was dropped. If the server identifies a discrepancy, it will return a message to the mobile device instructing the user to either re-submit the data (perform the sync again) or contact Rutherford Support.

  • It is recommended to attempt another sync at least once, as this usually takes care of the issue.
  • If the server continues to return the message, contact Rutherford Support.

Update MBO Goals

Update mbo goals error popup.gif

It is possible to update a MBO goal through the Recap menu. However, if you try to update a goal that has already been recorded, the above message will appear when tapping the hyperlink Update selected goal.


If no supplier has been selected and the user taps the Plant hyperlink, then the following popup will appear:

Select plants (new po).gif

If a selected supplier has no plants associated with them, then the following popup will appear:

Select plants 2 (new po).gif

"Orders are On Hold. These orders will not be transmitted."

Off-truck or pre-sell users can proceed with an upload-only operation even if there are orders on hold. If users selects to perform an upload-only with orders on hold the message "Orders are On Hold. These orders will not be transmitted" appears. If the user proceeds, then the held-open orders are removed from the current mobile upload (the web service will not see them) and, after the upload only is completed, moved into the new mobile upload.

eoTablet does not currently support the putting a pre-sell order on hold. The user is still not allowed to do a full-sync while an order is on hold.