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Invoices can be printed out using mobile printers while in the field. These invoices contain product information, customer data, invoice totals, and additional information useful in a delivery.

The Invoices are pre-loaded with a variety of information based on the settings dictated in the backend. For information about what invoices are pre-loaded with, see Pre-load of pre-sell and off-truck invoices on new mobile platforms.

The Invoice Format, or specific guidelines for the way it is printed, is determined by the settings chose in Configure Handheld Panel under Invoice Format. The settings created in this panel will be applied to all customers within the database. To override the invoice format for a specific customer, go to the Customer More Panel, and under "HH Invoice Override," select the format.

Handheld printouts are only 80 characters wide, so the invoices are designed to fit into that area. For a list of compatible printers, see Compatibility.

Invoice Header

The invoice header will be added to all handheld invoices, receipts, and truck inspections printed from a handheld device. It can be setup in three different locations: the Company HH Settings Panel, the Warehouse HH Header Panel, and the Configure Handheld Panel. Each location may have a different header layout defined.

The following priority is used when determining which header layout to use. If no header is found, the next location will be checked. If none of the locations have a header setup, no header will be printed.

  1. Company HH Settings Panel.
  2. Warehouse HH Header Panel.
  3. Configure Handheld Panel.

Advertisements Plugin

With the addition of the Advertisements Plugin, it is used to add another section to an invoice that contains a user created advertisement.

Invoice Format Samples

To view a set of sample invoices based on the possible invoice formats click Invoice Format Samples.

Sample Invoice

Invoices printout sample.JPG