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keypad within eoMobile
The handheld device can be used by salespeople and drivers to ensure proper sales and deliveries to customers. Additionally, the handheld automatically updates itself and eoStar with any changes during a full sync which provides total accuracy to the system.

To download available handheld walkthroughs, see EoMobile 2008 - eoMobileCF.


  • Tap - Clicking on a button on the handheld.
  • Upload - Clicking this will upload any changes or transactions made in the handheld to the eoStar system.
  • Full Sync - A full sync will upload any changes or transactions made in the handheld to the eoStar system and will also upload any changes made in the eoStar system to the handheld. This should be performed frequently to ensure that the latest data is being used. For information regarding what is downloaded to the mobile device during a full sync, see Overview: Downloaded Mobile Data.
  • Soft Reset - Pushing the reset button usually located on the back of the handheld device.
  • Hard Reset - Pushing the reset button usually located on the back of the handheld device while also pushing the On button. Note: A hard reset will wipe the handheld of information.


  • Keyboard with guided search- When doing searches within eoMobile, with every keystroke the guided keyboard will narrow down the available letters making searches faster and easier.
  • Full Screen Mode- After loading eoMobile, it will automatically go into full screen mode to maximize usability by hiding the control bar. To bring the control bar back, tap the Show Control Bar Show Control Bar.JPG button.
  • When finished servicing a customer, eoMobile will mark that customer with a dot on the route screen.
  • Additionally, eoMobile instantly tells you when a product has a promotion by using a green triangle with a dot Promotions.JPG to mark it. For more information on promotions on mobile devices, see Promotions on Mobile Devices.


Customize Layout

There are a variety of columns available for viewing on the mobile devices. These columns, can be added or removed using the Customize Layout screen accessible through taping the star menu when viewing an order.

  • Retail Price - The retail price is the price of the product that the retail customer is charging for it. This column will automatically be filled if there is a retail price list saved in the backend, or if values were added here on a previous order. This field is also editable and any quantity added here will override any previously created Retail Price Lists. For more information, see Overview: Retail Prices on Pre-sell Handhelds.
  • Build-To - The build-to column is the amount of product that the customer levels should be maintained at. This column is useful in determining the quantity for the order. For more information see Build-to Plugin and Overview: Build-to Levels on Pre-sell Handhelds.
  • Count - This is the amount of product at the customer location.
  • QTY - This is the quantity of the product ordered.
  • Item - This is the description of the product found on the Product Records.
  • Item Number - This is the product number found on the Product Records.
  • Pack - This is the pack size of the product. The Pack name is located on the Product Records.
  • UPC - This is the UPC code for the selected product. For additional information, see Barcodes & UPC Codes.
  • Promotions - If there are promotions available for the items, then a green triangle will be shown. For additional information, see Product Promotions.
  • Price - This is the amount charged to the customer for the product based on the Price Calculation.
  • Discounts - Any discounted amounts for the product will be shown here.
  • Deposits - Any deposit amounts for the product will be shown here. For more information, see Deposits.
  • Total - This is the total for the line item. [Total = (price + deposits - discounts) X quantity]

Handheld pre-sell screen columns expanded explained.jpg

Buttons and Their Functions

Button Name Function
AR.JPG AR This button brings up the AR menu.
Arrow.jpg Arrow This button brings up additional information or changes screens.
Attention.JPG Attention This symbol brings attention to important information on the screen.
Back.JPG Back This button will bring you to the previous screen.
Calculator.JPG Calculator There are three calculators available - Options, Display, and Draft calculators. For additional information, see Handheld Calculators.
Contacts.JPG Contacts Any contact information for the selected record will be listed when this button is tapped.
Delete order line.JPG Delete Order Line This button will delete the selected line from the order.
History.JPG History This will bring you to the order and delivery history of a customer.
Information.JPG Information This will bring up any additional information.
Keyboard.JPG Keyboard This button brings up the keyboard on the bottom of the screen for easy information insertion.
Modify Delivery Charges.JPG Modify Delivery Charges This button brings up the Modify Delivery Charges screen, where the delivery charge may be edited for the order.
Move Up or Down within grid.JPG Move Up or Down Within Grid Use these buttons to the item up and down within the list on the grid.
Notes.JPG Notes Click this button to insert notes.
Order Summary.JPG Order Summary This button will show the complete order summary.
Picture.JPG Picture This button brings up a image of the product, if available.
Previous or next item.JPG Previous or Next Item These buttons will bring you to the previous or next item.
Print.JPG Print This button will print the chosen information to a selected printer.
Recap Menu.JPG Recap Menu This button brings up the recap menu with the option to - Recap orders, recap non-service, recap surveys, or recap payments.
Search.JPG Search This button is located in several areas. It will bring up a list of information.
Setup or customize layout.JPG Star Menu This button serves two functions - System setup or customize layout. System setup brings up a menu to setup the printer, backup, restore, connection, and user login. Customize layout will change the layout of grids for better viewing on the handheld's screen.
Show Control Bar.JPG Show Control Bar This will bring up the handhelds Start menu.
Stats.JPG Statistics This will bring you to the statistics screen which will show all the statistics
Switch to invoice view.JPG Switch to Invoice View Shows the complete invoice.
Switch to single-line view.JPG Switch to Single-Line View Shows a single line on the invoice.
To Order Entry Screen.JPG To Order Entry Screen This button will bring you to the order entry screen where you can insert the order information.
Upload or sync.JPG Upload or Sync Located on the opening screen, this button brings up the menu for full syncs or upload.
Void order.JPG Void Order or Cancel Will cancel any information added to the order and bring you to the previous screen.