Handheld For Salespeople

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Main and Run Route Screens
Handheld screens- Pre-Sell information
Main Screen
eoMobile is designed to assist salespeople in pre-sales, off invoice payments, and updating customer information. Below is a step-by-step walk through of all the steps a salesperson might need to go through in a day using the handheld.

Zero quantity Billing Codes are stripped from Orders created on eoMobileCF upon saving the order.

Retail prices may be added to the system when creating orders. For more information, see Overview: Retail Prices on Pre-sell Handhelds.

Pre-Sell Order Walk-Through on the Handheld

  1. On the main screen tap Run Route.
  2. Customers scheduled to be visited today will be listed by default.
  3. To view customers scheduled for a different day, click ## Stops for {Date}.
    i. Select from the displayed dates to view the stops for that day
    ii. Tap Last Week to select a date from the prior 7 days
    iii. Tap Show all of my customers to view all customers, regardless of their scheduled day(s)
    • The buttons at the bottom of the run route screen show information for the selected customer.
    • With the proper user permissions, this information can be edited by the user to update eoStar at the next full sync.
  4. Select a customer and tap the hyperlink Service.
  5. All transactions can be reviewed using the Recap menu.
  6. At the end of the work day, when all changes have been made, perform a full sync by selecting the Upload or Sync Upload or sync.JPG button and tapping Full Sync. Note: After an order is uploaded, it cannot be edited in the handheld.