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HH main screen Delivery Truck menu.jpg
In eoMobile 2008, Drivers have a specific number of steps to complete in order to ensure the proper flow of information from eoStar to the Mobile device and vice versa.

Daily Procedures

  1. Load eoMobile.
  2. Do a full sync.
  3. Transfer any products onto the truck for the orders. Delivery Handheld - Truck Transfer. All orders in the Need Delivery Confirmation stage of the Order Tracker will be uploaded onto the handheld device.
  4. Do an upload/full sync to move the transfer information into the next step of the Transfer Tracker in eoStar.
  5. Perform a Check out to double check the product inventory levels in the truck.
  6. Tap Run Route.
  7. From the list of deliveries/customers, select the record and tap Service. For a detailed explanation on the step associated with a delivery, see Driver Handheld - Delivery Stops.
    1. Service customers by delivering orders and picking up any empties.
    2. Record and receive any on or off-invoice payments.
  8. Return to the warehouse to count or strip the truck.
  9. Create a Pre-order transfer for items for the next day (used for off-truck).
  10. To recap any transactions for the day, use the EoMobileCF Recap Menu.
  11. When finished for the day, do another full sync.