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Documents screen on the Handheld
The handheld documents screen is used to set up the download folder for any documents which are downloaded onto handheld devices. This functionality is added with the Handheld Documents Plugin. In order for employees to access this screen, the "Records>Handhelds>Documents" checkbox on the Plugins Panel must be checked.


  • The download folder should be accessible by the web service.
  • Each document placed in the folder should have a prefix that is an employee number followed by a dot. For example: 107.SalesReport.doc. These employee numbers correlate with the assigned employee for a handheld. Therefore, when a handheld does a full sync, the assigned folder is inspected, and only documents with the number prefix are downloaded.
  • Downloaded files from the folder are saved in a special folder on the handheld. This special folder is emptied at each full sync and then repopulated with documents with the right prefix. If the "old" documents need to be maintained, make sure to save them in a separate folder prior to doing a full sync.
  • Along with Windows Word (.doc) and Excel (.xls) files, Windows Media Player files (.wma) can also be downloaded to play on compatible programs on the mobile devices.

How-To Assign a Folder

  1. Go to Records>Handheld>Documents.
  2. Click the command button Change Folder. Select the folder and click Okay.
  3. To view the folder, click the command button Display Folder.
  4. When finished click the command button Okay.

How-To Access the Documents On the Handheld

  1. After a full sync, if documents are available the documents button Documents.JPG will appear. To view these documents, tap this button.
  2. On the Documents screen, use the drop down arrow to select the document.
  3. Tap the hyperlink View.
  4. When finished viewing the document, exit it to return to eoMobile.