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The handheld devices may be upgraded to the latest versions of eoMobileCF. The versions for the handheld are setup in the backend system in the Mobile Device Manager screen. An internet connection for the handheld is required in order to upgrade.

When upgrading, remember to send in all data prior to beginning the upgrade. Doing this full-sync before the upgrade is very important to avoid unintended cross version errors.

For a tutorial video on this subject, see EoMobile Video Tutorial - Upgrading.

How-To Upgrade a Handheld Device

  1. Load and log into eoMobileCF.
  2. After a full sync, tap the hyperlink Upgrade.
  3. Review the version information and tap Yes.
  4. In Internet Explorer, tap the hyperlink to download the version.(http://www.eostar.com/apps/wm6/10.10.31/)
  5. Tap Yes to save it in the selected location listed.
  6. It will ask you to re-install eoMobile. Tap Ok.
  7. Do another full sync after upgrade before preceding with your work.
  • NOTE: After the Q2 upgrade has been completed, the user will need to reconfigure the printer settings on the handheld, choosing a specific printer rather than a general manufacturer.

Upgrading eoMobile on a Phone

  1. Turn the phone on and open a Internet Browser (Start>Programs>Internet Explorer).
  2. Use the internet to connect to the url with the latest version.
  3. Click the here hyperlink.
  4. Check the checkbox Open file after download and click Yes.
  5. Click the OK to confirm the previous version’s removal, and the eoMobileCFCAB.CAB file will install.
  6. When finished, open the eoStar (Start>Programs>eoMobileCF).
  7. Click the star icon and select Connection.
  8. If upgrading from an older than 2009 version, a screen will contain a handheld number. Change the Mobile user to read “eostar.x” where x is the number from the previous step. For example, if your number was “7”, then you need to enter “eostar.7” in the box without the quotation marks of course. For more information on connection settings, see Handheld Connection.
  9. Click the hyperlink Save new settings.
  10. On the same screen, click the hyperlink Test connection. If the test was successful you will get a message saying “Connection test successful” and click Okay. If not successful, call the office.
  11. Return to the main screen and perform a Full Sync.