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Shelf Sequence
With the addition of the Shelf Sequence Plugin, the ability to create a specific sequence of items on the pre-sell and off-truck invoices. This also affects the order entry. For more information, see EoMobileCF Shelf Sequence.

How-To Setup a Shelf Sequence for a Customer on the Handheld

  1. From the main screen, tap the hyperlink Run Route.
  2. On the Run route screen, select the customer.
  3. Tap Service and then Shelf Setup.
  4. This list contains the shelf sequence for the selected customer.
  5. To add products to this list, either type in the number and tap #, or use the search button Search.JPG to search for the products.
  6. Use the Up and Down arrows Move Up or Down within grid.JPG to set the sequence.
  7. Use the Delete button Delete order line.JPG to delete products in the sequence.
  8. The Star menu Setup or customize layout.JPG:
    1. Set Window ... cur= ### days - This is the number of days of information examined to determine the products sold to the customer.
    2. Zap Red ... Unsold Within Window - This will delete all products marked in red. (Red products are unsold products in the time range.)
    3. Add Green ... Sold Within Window - This will add all products sold within the time range to the shelf sequence.
  9. When finished making changes, tap the hyperlink Save Shelf Setup.

Shelf Setup