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The retail prices form on the service menu will only be available to users with the proper permissions. The first permission setting is the Set Retail Prices via HH checkbox on the Permissions Panel. The second permission is the Allow Mobile Device Users To Maintain Retail Prices For This Customer checkbox on the Records>Customer>Records Retail Prices Panel.

Retail Price editing is available to pre-sellers and drivers, and allows for “look ups” of a customer’s retail prices for overriding.

You cannot add an item to the form. The items located here are from any assigned Retail Price Lists for the selected customer. Customer's are assigned retail price lists though the Customer Records Retail Prices panel.

For an overview of Retail Prices from the order screen, see Overview: Retail Prices on Pre-sell Handhelds.

How-To Edit the Retail prices on a Handheld

  1. From the main screen, tap Run Route.
  2. Select the customer and tap the hyperlink Service.
  3. Tap on Retail Prices.
  4. Tapping on a retail price hyperlink will show a popup box where an override may be added.