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Goals Plugin

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The Goals Plugin assists with assigning goal amounts for employees based on user generated credentials. Goals can have a base period and a goal period. This plugin has many similarities to the MBO Plugin; however, the goals plugin does not require that goals be set at a customer specific level. In fact, the plugin is designed to pro-rate any goal targets, and then those goals can be presented at per customer level to handheld users.

Another benefit of the Goals Plugin is that goals are updated automatically and immediately. Whenever a user elects to view the setup or progress of a goal within eoStar, the data presented is the latest available.

See Goals for more information on how to set up a goal.

  • Functional Area: Sales Support
  • Roles Affected: Sales Reps, Sales Managers, Presellers


Access Records

Records > Employee > Records > Access Records panel

  • Goals
  • Scheduled Goal Extract Tasks

Plugins Panel

Records > Employee > Records > Plugins panel

  • File > Extract > Goals
  • May Lock / Unlock Goals
  • May Access Goal Progress Report

Goals Setup

Database Configuration

File > Database Administration > Configure > Handheld panel

  • In order for goals to be transmitted to employees, the Transmit goals to mobile devices checkbox must be checked.

Goals Screen

Create and configure Goals on this screen.

Goals on Handhelds

Users can view their goals on the handhelds followings the steps found on these pages:

Goals Extracts

Goals can be exported to other programs that use the data via the Goals Extract tool. There is also a scheduled task that can automate this process.

Goals Report

The Goal Progress Ion Report examines the progress of goals for salespeople.